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About Us

Evans Family Consulting has a mission to improve the lives of our clients, by analyzing and educating our clients with financial plans, practices, and strategies used by highly affluent individuals across the nation. We are a financial consulting firm that works the top A+ rated insurance companies in the financial industry as well as helping to provide security for those wanting to make a difference in their own communities.

At Evans Family Consulting, we pride ourselves in understanding the determination, sacrifice, and focus that goes into having an outstanding financial portfolio for your family's generational wealth. We value the importance of sincerity and knowledge this particular industry calls for. Properly taking care of our clients and their needs, became one of our biggest aspirations. We believe it is important for us to show how we can best aid individuals by avoiding unwanted encounters, especially when it comes to their financial protection. Consistently leading, training, and developing a team of consultants to comprehend each family's needs and desires. Inspiring some of our very own, to start their practice. 

"Insurance is about families financial protection, and we plan to make sure it lasts a lifetime"

Our Providers

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